Open Flying For All Registered Pilots The flight line will be open to any insured and registered pilot wishing to get a chance to fly on the Piper airfield. This event is being held as a fun fly and will be conducted as such. A demonstration flight may be conducted if there is an extraordinary reason to do so. However, no demonstration flights will be normally conducted. The flight line will be open between 10AM - 5PM Friday and Saturday and 10AM to 2PM on Sunday.

R/C Vending We will have an area set aside for the sale of R/C related items. We also are planning on having some well known vendors as the keystone of this portion of the event.

On Site Food Vendors Many local organizations with food products will be on site the entire weekend.

A Flea Market will be held all three days of the event. A price of $10 per table covering all three days will be charged.

a vendor signup form is now available here.