What Is Wings Over Piper?
Please visit our Contacts Page to request information specific to the various aspects of the next Wings Over Piper Event.
As the event approaches, you may wish to plan according to the forecast and radar. Lock Haven is located between CCX (University Park/State College) and IPT (Williamsport) on the radar map.
  1. Get off Interstate 80 at PA Exit 178 (Old Exit 26).

  2. Proceed on US 220 North to the Lock Haven Exit (PA120).

  3. Turn left onto PA120 North. You will want to be in the far left lane (Jay Street).

  4. Go straight through both the Church Street and Main Street traffic lights.

  5. Turn right onto E. Water Street at the stop sign. Do not cross the Susquehanna River.

  6. Follow E. Water Street until you cross the flood control levee.

  7. At this point you should see the William T. Piper Memorial Airport on your right.

  8. Turn right immediately after crossing the levee.

  9. Take the first right toward the Castanea Fire Company Picnic Grounds (there is a sign).

This will take you into the section of the airport where Wings over Piper is being held.

Wide Area Map (I-80 to Lock Haven)   Lock Haven Street Map (US220 to Piper Airport)


Directions (from interstate 80)
There will be primitive camping and motor home parking available on site. For those who prefer to stay in a hotel, please visit the Clinton County Dining and Lodging Page. Because of the time proximity of this event to the Clinton County Fair, we encourage you to make any arrangements as early as possible. Parking for full-scale aircraft will be available.
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Wings Of Williamsport R/C Flying Club
Proudly Presents the 16th Annual...
To be held August 3rd through 5th, 2018
at the William T. Piper Memorial Airport Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
All kinds of R/C planes are welcome!
Landing Fee is $25

Wings of Williamsport (WoW) is the host club for the Wings Over Piper event.

WoW would like to introduce itself by providing a club section on this site for members and non-members.
Please visit the "Wings of Williamsport Club Site" using button at left.

What Is Wings Over Piper?
Wings Over Piper is an annual event for Radio Controlled Aircraft Enthusiasts to come to the birthplace of the Piper Cub (Lock Haven, Pennsylvania) to fly thCub Group Photoeir airplane on the Piper field. This is the same airport that supported the Piper Aircraft Corporation in Lock Haven during the operation of the assembly plant. While all radio controlled aircraft are welcome to fly, the goal of Wings Over Piper is to assemble and fly as many model Piper Cubs as possible. As shown in the photo, we had a large number of cubs assembled at the 2004 event ranging from small electrics to 1/3rd scale models, as well as several full scale airplanes. An even greater number of model cubs is expected and encouraged for each year's event.
In addition to open R/C aircraft flying, the Piper Aviation Museum will be open for tours. See the Activities Page for more information.
  Even though this is a Piper oriented event featuring the Cub, participation is in no way limited to Cub owners. We encourage you to bring and fly any airworthy aircraft. All aircraft will be subject to inspection before flight. A.M.A. membership/insurance, including any aircraft specific waivers, is required to fly at this event. Proof of membership is required.
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